What is Team as a Service (TaaS) ?

TaaS is our new approach to outsourcing. This allows you to hire a complete team to develop and test your services, along with the support of tech leads and project managers - rather than hiring individual resources. We usually suggest working lean and starting with a smaller team consisting of a few software professionals to plan, develop and test - rather than trying to write out a complete plan and hire a larger team. This approach helps you to understand the capabilities, quality, and expertise of the developers and the team. The team is flexible and can be scaled up and down along with emerging business needs and the costs are significantly lower than having the same resources in-house. 

Why remote development ?

Previously, offshoring teams and project deliveries often lacked transparency and clarity on their day-to-day activities, compared to an in-house team. However, technology advancements now place remote interactions at the forerunner of swift business & commerce. In the Miles TaaS model, the team works closely with your in-house team and extends it. There is daily or regular communication using established collaboration tools that best suit your requirements. The team will form part of your regular meetings, stand-ups, and discussions, as a well-integrated, extended arm to your current setup. This model allows Miles to maintain its quality standards and effectiveness, scale up or down quickly and respond in real-time in a much more cost-efficient manner.

Why Agile development ?

Miles uses an agile model that gives lots of flexibility for rapid changes and continuous improvement through adaptive planning and evolutionary development. In an agile environment, the software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles which yield small incremental developments of its predecessor. Each customer requires certain adaptations to our workflow and the Miles Engagement Model. We emphasize this both during the initiation of the work (Understand Phase of the model) and as a natural part of working together. Having a lean approach to the project workflow and collaboration model eliminates waste and enables us to learn and improve continuously throughout the partnership. 

Why Miles Africa ?

Because we care!
Our teams proactively work with you and align with your future architecture goals and your principles of work. We offer practical and proven solutions to your existing challenges. We get involved, not only in your implementation and testing, but also in identifying improvements to your business-as-usual processes.