Data Security

With the increasing digitization of business processes, companies are generating and storing vast amounts of data, ranging from customer information, company information or proprietary business data. This data is the cornerstone of your business and puts you at risk to unauthorised access, misuse, fraud or acts of sabotage and blackmailing. We can help you identify and close avenues of threats and risks present in your company.

Business Exposure - Failure to adequately secure data can result in severe consequences for businesses, such as financial losses, loss of reputation, legal liabilities, and even regulatory fines. 

Customer Confidence - Data breaches can lead to the loss of customer trust, which can have long-term impacts on a company's brand and bottom line. 

Regulatory Compliance - Data privacy regulations such as POPI, GDPR and CCPA are becoming increasingly strict, making it even more crucial for businesses to protect their data. Compliance with these regulations requires companies to implement strict data security measures and ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest data protection standards. 

We offer the following levels of Data Security: 

Data Protection: 

  • Prioritize and fix permissions & exposures
  • Track all data access activity 
  • Automate authorization, migration, and deletion 
  • Visualize risk across hybrid environments 

Threat detection & response: 

  • Analyze data activity, authentication events, and perimeter telemetry together.
  • Build baseline behavioral profiles for users and devices
  • Accelerate investigations with enriched logs 
  • Decrease time to detect & respond 

Privacy & Compliance:

  • Find and classify data with hundreds of built-in rules
  • Prioritize based on sensitivity, exposure, and activity Label or quarantine sensitive data 
  • Fulfill Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) for unstructured data