For Stockpile, being a startup, the initial challenge was to set up its own development team and to align with the lean team from India for the MVP and Test-Driven Development methodology requirements. Stockpile contracted Miles as a partner in their endeavor to deliver major customer-facing features to make shares easily available to the people through;

1. E-gift, purchased online through Stockpile 

2. Physical gift card, purchased at a retail location

Solution and Results

Miles' offering was Development, the team as a service, and involvement encompassed, understanding product and project requirements, detailing requirements, proposing an implementation approach, and design, development, and testing. We have a successful relationship with Stockpile and have worked on several projects such as the Upload of customer verification documents: US regulations require sharing identity and income-related documents with a broker to activate an online brokerage account. Prior to this feature, customers had to scan the documents and mail them to Stockpile, which took about 15 days to activate an account. With this feature, customers can upload documents directly from the Stockpile website, reducing the activation time for a brokerage account to 2 hours. 

Store Locator: With this project, Stockpile could offer customers the ability to find retail stores that carry Stockpile gift cards. 

Wish List/Gift Registry: Wish List is one of the most important features for an e-commerce business today to attract more customers and increase sales. With this feature, the customer browses inventory and adds it to a list created with Stockpile's built-in Wish List feature. When a customer is done adding stock to the list, the link to the wish list can be shared with family and friends who can gift stock to the customer. 

Gift Basket: With a similar concept to the Wish List feature where customers can ask for stocks as gifts, Gift Basket allows customers to send stocks as gifts to their family and friends. Customers can create multiple online gift baskets of stocks for multiple recipients and gift them on various occasions (festivals, birthdays, etc.)