TV 2 Norway


TV 2 wanted live chess coverage as there was an enormous interest generated during World Championship 2014 match and they started producing daily broadcasts on their own sports channel and website. In addition to accommodating an increased volume of online viewers, TV 2 wanted to simulcast virtual chess matches with livestream analytics that worked smoothly on mobile, desktop, and tablet on any browser. The viewer should have the ability to rewind and replay it in stages along with the live analytics text. The position information of the players withthe probability to win/lose/draw also should be predicted. The solution was to be created and delivered in 1 calendar month along with predicting the next 3 possible moves by the opponent.


To address all of TV 2's requirements, Miles created an intelligent queue that simulcasts all games and with the intelligence to predict moves with real-time insights. To create a cost-effective and smart solution we created runtime AWS servers spawning algorithm that ensured the capability of scaling as the moves came in and contracting in between the moves.


TV 2 experienced a clear, crisp reliable virtual live tournament with analytics free of buffering, stuttering, and interruptions resulting in longer viewing sessions with high accuracy on the next moves and final outcome of the game. The solution design was loosely coupled so that TV 2 could use it in future matches. There was a strong focus on providing a good user experience that would appear simple and understandable while detailed oriented viewers were able to find their information on the same platform.